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Release Date: February 9, 2018
Rating: 7.9

About The 15:17 to Paris

Country: United States

Year: 2018

Category: Drama, History, Thriller

Release Date: 9 February, 2018

Director: Clint Eastwood

Starring: Jenna Fischer, Judy Greer, Lillian Solange Beaudoin

Age Restriction: 18 years

Duration: 104 minutes

Budget: $35,000,00

Box Office: $

The 15:17 to Paris is a 2018 Walt Disney Pictures and Whitaker Entertainment. The 15:17 to Paris is scheduled to be released on February 9, 2018.

Before the end of 2017, Warner Bros. revealed the first trailer of 15:17 Train to Paris, the new film directed and produced by Clint Eastwood. Now we know the official poster for movie theaters of this biopic that brings to the big screen the case of the attack frustrated by three of its passengers to a train that covered the route Amsterdam-Paris in August of 2015.

Twelve months after the events, the protagonists of this story, turned into heroes, published a four-hand written book that collected the details of the threatening situation. The book "The 15:17 To Paris: The True Story Of A Terrorist, A Train, And Three American Heroes" was adapted for film by Dorothy Blyskal.

In addition to the launch of this poster for theaters, the official synopsis for Latin America was released. The film will hit theaters on February 9 in the USA Clint Eastwood presents "15:17 to Paris" which tells the true story of three men whose act of bravery made them heroes during a high-speed train trip. On the afternoon of August 21, 2015 the world watched stunned and silent when the media reported the news of a frustrated terrorist attack on the Thalys train # 9364, bound for Paris. An attack that was prevented by three brave young Americans traveling in Europe.

The film follows the journey of friends' lives, from their difficulties during childhood to their search to find their place in life and the series of unexpected events that led to the attack. Throughout the intense experience, their friendship never falters, rather it becomes their best weapon and allows them to save the lives of the more than 500 passengers on board.

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