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47 Meters Down
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47 Meters Down

Sharks, as we well know, have been given a bad rep by cinema ever since Jaws first dur-durred across screens 42 years ago. But more recently, the horror-thriller has settled on an even bigger, deadlier bogey-thing: holidays. Honestly, after The Descent, Wolf Creek, Frozen (not that one), Hostel, and Paradise Lost — to name but a few — you might even be forgiven for using the word ‘staycation’.

47 Meters Down is a solid entry into the hellish-holiday (or, if we may, ‘slaycation’) sub-genre, and as you might guess from the above synopsis, it hoves closest to low-fi stranded-couple drama Open Water and last year’s slickly efficient Blake Lively-versus-big fish thriller The Shallows. When it gets going, Brit writer-director Johannes Roberts (The Other Side Of The Door) wrings maximal seat-perching anxiety out of the minimal, contained and literally high-pressure situation which sees a pair of sisters trapped in a shark cage on the sea floor. Every breath counts, every scream and exertion robs them of precious air, and every drop of blood (of which there are many) attracts another peckish Great White from the big blue murk surrounding them.

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