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Acts of Violence
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Acts of Violence

In vigilante fantasy “Acts of Violence,” it doesn’t matter how many of the titular acts occur — or how many people get killed, “bad” and “good” — so long as the goal is righteous, not to mention self-righteous. If a dozen or two folks die en route to a kidnap victim being rescued, well, that’s just the price that family, loyalty and courage required.

That sort of ratio might seem utterly crazy in the real world, but it’s routine in the kind of boilerplate modern action movie that director Brett Donowho’s feature in many way typifies. There’s no question here that taking the law into his own hands is simply what a real man’s gotta do. And there’s no more novelty in that reactionary message anymore than there is in rest of this slick and well-paced if uninspired time-filler, which Lionsgate is giving a limited theatrical launch simultaneous with its on-demand release.

After an opening childhood flashback that doesn’t make a lot of sense later on, plus a brief combat montage, we meet Army vet Deklan MacGregor (Cole Hauser) as he’s simultaneously asking for and angrily refusing help from a VA counselor. (The movie sees no contradiction in this, or in his similar attitude toward police later on.) He’s been plagued by anxiety and insomnia since leaving the service, his resulting reclusiveness handled with care by younger brothers Brandon (Shawn Ashmore) and Roman (Ashton Holmes). But it’s viewed as more of a deliberate insult by Roman’s fiancée Mia (Melissa Bolona), who appears a bit trigger-tempered herself.

Duration: 86 min


IMDb: 5.1

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