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A Ghost Story
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A Ghost Story

In the dialogue, or rather parliament, more extensive of a film of few words like ‘A Ghost Story’, an attendee at a party is put to discuss the transcendent nature of art. The character, embodied by the musician Will Oldham, surrounds that characteristic of someone who is pleased that his words echo a well-known message. The children keep the memory of the parents, the works survive longer than their authors and listen to the notes of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, composed, according to him, thinking of a God that does not exist, connects us through time with a sense of civilization that goes beyond the mere instincts of survival … But everything, everything, everything will also disappear some day in the nothingness, like tears in the rain.

The protagonist of ‘A Ghost Story’ listens attentively to Oldham’s soliloquy. It is a ghost stranded in the house where he lived with his girlfriend while he was alive. We know it at the beginning of the film. C (Casey Affleck) and M (Rooney Mara) are presented as a happy young couple in their new residence. Only some strange noise disturbs your daily life. Until a car accident sega the life of man. The conversion from C to ghost seems almost a prosaic joke. Already in the morgue, his body covered by a sheet rises and starts walking. As the only signs of his new condition, the two black holes in the place of the eyes and the realization that human beings can not see him. C is a ghost, but a ghost in love. Even in the hospital, a kind of door opens up to a new dimension. But he turns around and starts back to his human home, in a series of scenes that by the way recall ‘Finisterrae’ (2010), the film by Sergio Caballero and starring in spectra with a sheet. Back home, he discovers that he has no choice but to act as a mere observer of the course of a life that no longer inhabits.

Duration: 92 min


IMDb: 6.9

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