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Baby Driver
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Baby Driver

If Edgar Wright is one of the essential directors of this century, it is largely thanks to his talent when reimagining any genre. Through what is known as his ‘Cornetto Trilogy’, for example, the British brought fresh ideas and new possibilities of humor to the cinema of zombies -‘Zombies Party ‘(2004) -, the policeman -Fatal’Arma’ (2007) and science fiction -‘Welcome to the end of the world ‘(2013) -. Partly also thanks to his intrepid use in the soundtrack of exquisitely selected musics, Wright marked paths to follow for other directors who have subsequently tried their luck in each of those genres.

None of these films, in any case, allowed us to anticipate the explosion of creativity that is his new movie. Because, what exactly is ‘Baby Driver’, the story of a young driver trying to get away from the world of crime? A dazzling action movie? An adrenaline-fueled comedy? A lovely postmodern romance? A musical sparkling? The answers are, in that order, yes, yes, too, and of course.

From the outset, in fact, Wright renders exuberant pop tribute to titles like ‘Driver’ (1978) and the spiritual descendant of this, ‘Drive’ (2011). Baby (Ansel Elgort) undoubtedly shares traits with the laconic antiheroes of those films; he just opens his mouth, and is the best at his job. But at the same time ‘Baby Driver’ could be defined as a version of ‘La La Land’ (2016) in which the dancers are not people but very fast cars, and which anticipates a new way of integrating music and image on a screen. In any case, of course, Baby is less an alter ego of Ryan Gosling – whether he’s dressed in the scorpion’s dainty jacket as a tap-dancer – than Wright himself, while, like him, he’s a devouring pop culture. the obstacles of life imagining it as pure entertainment. In that sense, perhaps ‘Baby Driver’ is the most personal film of its author.

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