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Low budget films tend to get pigeon-holed into a corner, often unfairly compared to their blockbuster counterparts, films that sort of set the standard for how all movies are judged. It’s a little unfair of course as money can make a huge difference in what a filmmaker can do. That said, it’s often pretty impressive what some independent directors are doing with so little. However, many overextend themselves, trying to tell a bigger story than what their backing can afford, sacrificing story and authenticity for unconvincing visual effects and untrained actors.

Such is the case for Michael Miller‘s incredibly ambitious Battalion, a film with barely any money behind it trying to be bigger than most major studio epics, and while it does feature a solid, if not familiar story, and a good effort from its cast, it can’t overcome the production limitations, which greatly effects everything else, leaving this a disappointment.

Seven months ago, the world falls into global war, the enemy not ourselves but an alien race of machine-like creatures from a parallel universe. Leaving cities in ruins, including Los Angeles, the invaders establish a blockade running from the southern tip of Japan all the way to Australia. Needing soldiers, Earth’s defenses are running thin and recruits are needed, so in California John Blake (Jesse Richardson), a beach-combing mechanic, joins up along with Tracey Gleeson (Ellen Williams), a science professor burdened by the loss of her brother in Afghanistan, serving under John’s best friend Chris Jackson (Michael Thomson), who has personal reasons for fighting when his family is killed by the aliens while trying to escape on a plane. Heading to Australia, they take up the fight against a force that seems increasingly unstoppable.

Duration: 94 min


IMDb: 2.3

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