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Beyond the Woods
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Beyond the Woods

There are several surprises in Do not Touch Me, the debut as director of Kay Cannon, who is best known for writing the successful Hadi Be Oğlum trilogy of Perfect Notes. After the #MeToo movement and the various protests that continue in the industry against gender inequality, it was evident that Hollywood had entered unknown territory. One in which the same stories could no longer be told and, more importantly, one in which the female characters could no longer be treated as carelessly as they had been; especially in the genre of comedy, where women are usually an instrument for the male protagonist to achieve his goal or learn his lesson.

With her debut film, Kay Cannon was the first to achieve it. She not only does justice to a coming-of-age story that has three The Leisure Seeker teenage girls in the center, but also delivers a provocative, humorous and intelligent comedy that surpasses all expectations at a time when politically correct things have done of comedy a minefield.

Do not touch them tell the story of three young people who plan to lose their virginity during their graduation night. However, their parents are not far from them when the girls begin to send messages and confirm their “rite of initiation” which they call # SEXPACT2018 (with everything and eggplant emoji). After Hunter (Ike Barinholtz) deciphers the meaning of the emoji-filled conversation his daughter is in, he shares his discovery with the overprotective Anastasia Lisa (Leslie Mann) and the naive Mitchell (John Cena) in the hope that See him as funny as him. However, Lisa and Mitchell quickly panic and decide to do everything possible to stop their daughters from whatever they plan to do that night.

Duration: 84 min


IMDb: 5.6

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