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Blessed Madness
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Blessed Madness

It starts in motion, Benedetta madness, with an amusing trailer scene between one hairpin and another. Twenty-five years later, Guglielmo (Verdone) and Lidia (Lucrezia Lante della Rovere) celebrate their silver wedding. The evening, however, ends with Puzzle an overwhelming confession and abandonment of his wife, long in love with another woman. The case is that the other woman is just the clerk of the religious articles store run by William. So, in addition to finding himself single and depressed, the man will have to find another co-worker. Among the candidates, the most improbable of all will come out, Luna (Pastorelli): borgatara, rowdy, but very skilled to sell, with a dark past and a great familiarity with the app of meetings.

It’s just around the dark appointments that Luna procures to Guglielmo, to get up and forget the beloved wife, who revolve the most exhilarating Be Vaght Sham moments of the film: between an alcoholic, a hypochondriac and an erotomaniac (incarnated by Elisa respectively Eusanio, Paola Minaccioni and Francesca Manzini) the meetings will prove to be one more embarrassing than the other, a little less casual with Ornella (Maria Pia Calzone), first aid nurse where Guglielmo will end, in spite of himself, more than once …

Although with some twists, the development of the plot is mostly predictable and the touch of Gaglianone-Menotti, as well as being evident The Dark Tower in the most lysergic moments (see the dreamlike scene choreographed by Luca Tommassini of X Factor, and that so much reminiscent of great Lebowski), seems to push the film a little ‘more on the farce, with situations on the edge of the cinepanettone and credibility (the erotic game with the phone, the call in speakerphone with the cardinal …) and some joke facilitates, especially among those put in mouth to the Pastorelli. Here, between laughter and the other, there is not that bit of reflection in which Verdone had accustomed us in recent years, with the missionary in crisis of faith of I, them and Lara [+], the divorced fathers who fell into disgrace of Places standing in paradise [+] or the difficult father-son relationship of Sotto a good star [+]. A light, calm, reassuring Verdone, who misses the scratch, but who with his enormous comic talent always tears more than a laugh.

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