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A quirky road-trip dramedy in the not-so-grand tradition of Little Miss Sunshine and Captain Fantastic, writer-director Shana Feste’s Boundaries puts three generations of the dysfunctional Jaconi family in an antique Rolls-Royce and sends them cruising down the Pacific Coast for some wacky misadventures and sentimental fence-mending. Laura (Vera Farmiga), a chronic dog rescuer with unresolved daddy issues, is forced to haul her impetuous father, Jack (Christopher Plummer), all the way from Seattle to Los Angeles to drop him off at her sister’s (Kristen Schaal) apartment after he’s kicked out of his nursing home for dealing weed. Along for the ride is Laura’s socially awkward teenage son, Henry (Lewis MacDougall), whom Jack embroils in his plan to peddle a huge cache of marijuana along the way.

The film alternates between cutesy comedy and undercooked emotional drama, attempting to balance Laura’s struggle to understand a father who largely abandoned her as a child with inane scenes like the one in which Jack and Henry sell pot to a bunch of Buddhist monks. Neither the script’s stabs at humor nor its overall dramatic arc leave an impact because the whole thing is so fundamentally phony. The film’s plot points, character attributes, and dialogue don’t so much reflect a genuine engagement with the messy realities of family estrangement as they do the dictates of contemporary screenwriting, where every detail must be neatly tied back into the whole. Boundaries is relentlessly explaining itself to us: Why does Henry draw weird naked pictures of the people he knows? Because he’s trying to depict their souls. Why is Laura attracted to shitty guys? Because they remind her of her father.

Duration: 104 min


IMDb: 2.9

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