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Child of Satan
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Child of Satan

To know Carlos Reygadas is to be perplexed; it’s hard to say exactly what happens in his films, or even if they’re enjoyable. His most recent, “Post Above Suspicion Tenebras Lux,” earned him Best Director laurels at Cannes even as it divided everyone who wasn’t on the jury. That elliptical, two-hour exploration of the family unit encompassed everything from an anatomically correct Satan to a little girl getting lost in a field. However, the film also contained moments of great beauty amid the willful abstraction.

“Nuestro tiempo” (“Our Time”), which runs 173 character-building minutes, is likely to be received as another fans-only proposition that converts few but pleases Forever Young those already inclined to enjoy his work. Those who don’t will sigh to learn that it’s set on a bull ranch (the animals in Reygadas’ films have as difficult a time as the humans), and is another family drama in which the director casts himself, his wife, and his children, fears of self-indulgence be damned.

Unlike “Post Tenebras Lux,” the new film is a linear and straightforward narrative. He drops the metaphysical bent explored in works like “Silent Light” in favor of a simple relationship drama involving Juan (Reygadas), his wife Ester (Natalia López, the Ip Man 4 filmmaker’s wife), and her lover (Phil Burgers). We learn early on that Juan and Ester own this rural Mexican estate and are in a kind of open relationship, but the secrecy surrounding Ester’s dalliance with the horse-breaking American violates the terms of their agreement — and leads Juan to believe there’s more to it than sex.

Duration: 100 min


IMDb: 3.0

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