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If there is a filmmaker who always makes us wonder what wild up your sleeve can bring us in his new films, it is the Argentinian enfant terrible Gaspar Noé, who from Irreversible, through Enter The Void and Love has been responsible for making films like few, in which violence, sex and psychedelia play an important role in their narrative.

While it is true that after Love (a 3D movie that included real sex among its actors) the critics said that its aesthetic had become predictable and empty, with its new film CLIMAX, premiered last weekend at Fortnight’s show. Cannes Film Festival seems to have won its favor once again, because in just an hour and a half the director makes an intense and brutal exploration of all his work until now, and his trailer is as intense as you imagine.

The film focuses on a group of dancers at a party set in 1996, where songs like Pump Up The Volume by MARRS or Angie by The Rolling Stones sound without distinction while all the attendees converse, move in unison and follow the rhyme of the music of the DJ under the colored lights that surround them. However, the central character of the film is in immense bowl of sangria that everyone takes indiscriminately: the twist is that someone added LSD to the drink, and when they all realize, it’s too late.

Duration: 95 min


IMDb: 7.7

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