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Dark Phoenix
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Dark Phoenix

When X-Men: The Last Stand attempted to pull off the classic Dark Phoenix storyline in 2006, it did not go as well as many would have hoped – including its co-writer, Simon Kinberg. He’s remained with the mutant saga through First Class and beyond – and now he’s set out as writer-director to give Jean Gray’s struggle The Scythian with a greater power of the big-screen treatment it deserves. The first trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix has just arrived, teasing to cosmic new direction for the comic book series, a mysterious figure in Jessica Chastain’s still-unknown character, and – at last – the classic X-Men get-up. Empire spoke to Kinberg to get the lowdown on the teaser – and I have elaborated on plenty of intriguing tidbits.

While X-Men: Apocalypse introduced to grown-up Jean to the First Class timeline, it turns out that Charles Xavier has a longer-standing relationship with her. “There are not a lot of flashbacks in the movie, Overboard but that foundational relationship between Young Jean and a younger Charles is one of the core themes of the film,” Kinberg explains. “The question of Jean’s relationship to her own powers becomes a big conflict for her throughout the film, eleven she’s transformed by something that happens up in space, that has nothing to do with her childhood. It opens with a mission that takes them up into space that has consequences for Jean that ripple throughout the movie. ”

In previous tellings of the Dark Phoenix story, Professor X has limited Jean’s capabilities after seeing the full potential of her power – and the Dark Phoenix trailer teases at a similar strand here. “Charles has Higher Power been hiding secrets about Jean’s past from her that got revealed over the span of the movie, and only made her more unstable,” say Kinberg. “It’s the most inopportune time for this character to become unstable emotionally, because it’s becoming unstable in a much different way after this cosmic thing that happened to her in space. In this way, Dark Phoenix is ​​the most intimate, emotional and personal movie we’ve made, and yet also has the greatest breadth in terms of spanning beyond our planet, even beyond our galaxy. There’s a sense that the things are happening emotionally for Jean and what’s happening cosmically inside her is making her incredibly unstable, dangerous, destructive. “

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