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Dragged Across Concrete
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Dragged Across Concrete

The films of S. Craig Zahler exist somewhere between the auteur cinema and the B series. They are all bold, intelligent and incredibly violent Border works; Exciting gender exercises designed to satisfy the usual audience of the exploitation cinema but that do not pay attention to many of the common clichés in it. After surprising the world with the western cannibal Bone Tomahawk (2015) and receiving much less attention than deserved with Brawl in Cell Block 99 (2017) -Vince Vaughn splitting limbs and breaking skulls from prison-, Zahler returns to make clear his identity untransferable with his third work, presented this Monday out of competition in the Mostra.

Dragged across concrete tells the story of two police officers, a bitter veteran (Mel Gibson) and his volatile partner (Vaughn), who are suspended from employment Twisted Pair and salary when a recording reveals their brutal tactics at the time of their release. practice arrests; and that, plagued by frustration and economic need, decide to move to the other side of the law. In the process, Zahler returns to portray men endowed with strong moral codes, and willing to make the most drastic decisions to defend them.

He also confirms that his main narrative weapon is his particular sense of tempo. His films are exceptionally long – the premiere this Monday is closer to three hours of footage than the two – composed of extensive scenes full of deliciously colored dialogues of idiosyncrasies The Kissing Booth and impassive sarcasm, of dead times that allow us to reflect on fatalism that surrounds the characters and, of course, moments of brutality. In that sense Dragged across concrete is more measured than its predecessors, but still includes heads that explode and an open stomach in the foreground channel. “I’m not interested in the mass audience, and I feel comfortable provoking the rejection of some spectators,” Zahler confessed in a press conference. “There are scenes from this film that will make people hate me, and they are right. In any case, let’s hope he gets enough audience to make another film. ” Let’s hope.

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