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Early Man
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Early Man

Early Man

For more than four decades, the spectators have been pleasantly surprised with the productions that the British Aardman studios have generated for television and cinema. His particular stamp of animation – made frame by frame with clay figures – is easily recognizable, both for its design and for its insightful humor. In addition to having these elements, with The Caveman the director Nick Park (creator of Wallace and Gromit) makes a timely, fun and incisive reflection on the sport of soccer.

In the formidable prologue, which could stand on its own as a short film, Park takes us to the moment of the fall of the meteorite that ended the dinosaurs forever. But that started something else for humanity. Much later, a primitive tribe survives in the fruitful valley created by the impact of the celestial body. Without imagining it, outside of that environment man has evolved beyond the rudimentary. What happens next will be the unwelcome encounter between the Stone Age and the Bronze Age.

As did Oliver Stone in the film Un domingo cualquiera (1999), with a dissection of the universe of American football that allowed us to know the dark side of each of its components (players, coaches, team owners, diffusion, etc.)The Caveman does it with soccer, in a light way, but using witty and hilarious wit.

Duration: 89 min


IMDb: 6.1