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Ederlezi Rising
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Ederlezi Rising

– SF is an excellent framework in which, apart from many conditions of realism, very deep and personal stories can be apologized to by a broad, social metaphor. “Ederlezi Rising” is a story about an astronaut who is forced to travel with a android on the long trip, Donbass the opposite sex, which is here for his pleasure. And our hero can calibrate her character with the help of software. Over time, our hero falls in love with the image of a woman he created and wants to make from him the right person, to abolish this attachment to the software, that predictability … and there are problems. Apart from the aesthetic displacement that is somewhat obvious from the trailer, “Ederlezi Rising” possesses this stylization in dramatic sequences. Although dramatic sequences are fundamentally melodramatic in time, the impression is that the characters are in some sort of a target of space like a purgatory. So we can say more, how the story progresses – the whole film loses contact with reality, not just the main character.

 – The idea was to tell a metaphorical, fantastic love story and make a visually expressive movie. The visual accuracy of this film is very important because, as Fist Fight it stands out in the sea of ​​films produced today, this expressive process that has been penetrated throughout the film carries with it a strong emotional charge. The film is essentially deeply melodramatic and carries a great deal of tenderness that is in antagonism with the dystopian context in which the film unfolds, a rigid future resembling a radicalized version of Chinese korpo-communism.

 – Stoya is tied to this project from the start. When we first considered who would be ideal for the role of a person who is not, for the role of androids, which is exclusively for the satisfaction of the other person, we immediately realized that conceptually Stoya Cover Versions would be an ideal solution. Apart from the conceptual and visual excellence of Stoya, in the process of preparing for the film, in the process of rehearsal and research she imposed itself as a true talent, someone who carries the credibility of naturals and the charisma of a serious film actor. Since the main character is a Serb, the Yugoslav and the whole universe of the film is placed in socialist milieu, in some parallel reality that most resembles Soviet Russia, our idea was to make some kind of Communist Donald Draper. A one-of-a-kind, macho character, which has a deep emotional impedance that suppresses in him. Sebastian also imposed himself as an excellent solution for the character, as one of the best and most visual actors from all over the region of the former Yugoslavia.

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