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Edge of Fear
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Edge of Fear

I first met Philip when I did a small book about him for a series for Methuen in 1982, when he was in the middle of writing the Zuckerman series. I got to know him after that, and then The Oath I was one of the group of people that read for him when a manuscript was in a penultimate stage. He revised and revised and revised. What seems like amazing spontaneous flow in these novels is massively worked over, over a very intense period of time.

When he was living in England, I would go to his office and give him my thoughts about the books – like live criticism. He would record this and then he would take me out for lunch as a reward, My Cousin Rachel where we would gossip. What made it not intimidating was that he was so eager to get feedback. This was not someone who was precious and protective about his own work. He wanted people to tell him what they thought; I remember him saying, at one point, “There’s no point in this if you’re going to be timid and polite.” He hated English politeness, everyone saying sorry the whole time (he used to do great imitations of English people apologising). He wanted his readers to say exactly what they thought did and didn’t work.

He was an astonishing force field. Everything you said, whether it was useful or not, would be grist to the mill, this great mill of intellect and energy and imagination, churning over . You would find that something you’d said that he rather disagreed with would get put in the mouth of an unsympathetic character. He was very generous, Tej I Love You and also fierce and demanding. He was prolific with jokes and stories – he loved to tell stories, and he loved terrible jokes.

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