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Glossary of Broken Dreams
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Glossary of Broken Dreams

This difficult-to-describe extravaganza includes puppets. 8 bit animation. Anime. Stock footage. Referring to himself Searching for Ingmar Bergman as a “lumpennerd,” Johannes gives an “ideotaining” cinematic review of relevant political concepts. Everyone is talking about freedom. Privacy. Identity. Resistance. The Market. The Left. In this film, Johannes explains, re-evaluates, and sometimes sacrifices political golden calves of discourse. Snarky subversion this nerdy and dense has a specific choir that is being preached to. It’s aggressive, doesn’t pull punches, and burns through ideas at machine-gun rate. Grenzfurthner pokes fun at hipster culture that puts on a veneer of resistance, but is really just playing the prescribed part as a cog in the great machine.

In speaking with Johannes about the film, he expressed passion and frustration about the state of the world. “…it’s a peculiar film Pickpockets for nerds of a peculiar set of interests, but at the same time it’s talking about topics that are so goddamn important that more people should know about it. I guess that’s why I made it. No idea if there is even a target audience for it, but one can try. There is a lot to process. And cat meme drunk masses will probably not even scratch the surface. But my idea was: better to challenge the audience than to dumb it down.”

The film brought me a new word for the slack-ass mass-opiate distracted majority: lumpen as in “the lumpen public is enveloped 211 in a culture of dependency” or as part of the noun (in Marxist contexts) lumpenproletariat describing the unorganized and unpolitical lower orders of society who are not interested in revolutionary advancement. In other words, most people.

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