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Beelitz-Heilstätten – Shattered windows, squeaky stairs, empty corridors – the scary atmosphere that visitors to Beelitz Heilstätten feel has now also inspired Klassentreffen cinema producers. On February 22, the horror film “Heilstätten” will be released. It tells the story of YouTubers who want to get to the bottom of the rumors of paranormal events.

However, the film, which is set in the old clinic building, was not filmed in Beelitz-Heilstätten – but in the health resort Grabowsee in Oranienburg. As producer Till Kafir Schmerbeck explains the PNN, this had production-related reasons. “The health resorts on the Grabowsee have provided us with ideal conditions for shooting. It was important for the production that the work could be carried out undisturbed and to the exclusion of the public, “he explains. The director of “Heilstätten”, Michael David Pate, who comes from Northern Germany, also says: “From a dramaturgical point of view, we kept it open where exactly the film plays.” However, the attentive moviegoer will notice that the Beelitz Heilstätten are meant. For example, the woman murderer “Rosa Riese” from Beelitz – he had killed five women and a baby in the 1990s – is mentioned in the film.

Pate, whose most famous film is the independent production “Kartoffelsalat”, had the task of revising the screenplay written by author Ecki Ziedrich. Heilstätten is his first film to be presented by a major production company – the 20th Fox Century. To create modern zeitgeist, he came up with the idea with the YouTubern. “I did not want a reputable ghost hunt,” says Pate, “but a naive challenge of young people.” Among the six main characters include Nilam Farooq, who also uploads videos The Rake on YouTube in real life, and Tim Oliver Schultz (“Red Ribbon Club “). The film counted to the “found footage” genre (German: found material). Some of the actors themselves are leading the camera and commenting on it. The most well-known representative of this genre is the American horror film “Blair Witch Project” from the year 1999. “This style brings a strong authenticity and the viewer has the feeling, he is live with it,” promises producer Schmerbeck. The 90-minute film is funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg. In just 18 days, the material was shot and then worked on in the Studio Babelsberg for the screen.

Duration: 89 min


IMDb: 4.5

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