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Il Primo Re
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Il Primo Re

After the rumors published by ANSA, it was immediately hastened to deny everything on Facebook the director Matteo Rovere: no, The First King will not participate in the 71st La profezia dell’Armadillo edition of the Cannes Film Festival, a participation that was not even foreseen.

The explanation is very simple: the film is Ad Astra still in full post-production, and apparently there is no intention to rush things to present it at a festival. Explain Oak:

Set before the foundation of Rome (753 BC), and spoken in Proto-Latin, the film was photographed with natural lighting by Daniele Ciprì. “It’s an adventure movie,” explains Rovere a Screen, “in which all the action scenes are filmed with real stunt. We use very little CGI in favor of special practical effects, the only exception is the large opening sequence “. Realism at the center of everything, therefore, which explains the choice of pre-Roman Latin: Eternal Winter “It will drag the public into something real and unique that took place centuries before the Roman Empire. I want to show that the Italian industry is able to achieve excellent results compared to international standards in terms of prosthetic makeup, stunts, special effects, fights and costumes. It was all created in Italy. “

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