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La tribu
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La tribu

On Saturday morning, Fernando Colomo received a WhatsApp message on his cell phone that undid the knot in his stomach that strips any movie director of his hunger in the week of a premiere: ‘La Tribu’, his latest film, had endured well the envite of the Duck Duck Goose ‘blockbusters’ Americans on their first day in theaters. Sigh of relief for a director who had to shoot his previous film, ‘Isla bonita’ (2015), with the means of a sniper, with hardly any budget, without too wide distribution, without aid from the Ministry, practically for love of art. As consolation: the Goya nomination for Best Newcomer. The forgetting of the producers, but not of the companions or of the moviegoers.

He, who reunited Klaus Kinski, Harvey Keitel, Fernando Rey and Miguel Bosé in the daring science fiction film ‘The Knight of the Dragon’ (1985) and who claimed the most authentic Madrid in ‘La vida alegre’ (1987) and ‘ Bajar al moro ‘(1989), two of the greatest hits of Spanish Loro 2 comedy, regains its place in the front line of the’ industrial ‘cinema with a project produced by MOD Producciones and Atresmedia Cine and distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Spain, with a budget of around 3.5 million euros and a cast with two of the most profitable actors of the small and big screen, Carmen Machi and Paco León, who again coincide outside of Esperanza Sur. Result: the most watched movie of the weekend – ahead of ‘Tomb Raider’, ‘Red Sparrow’ and ‘The form of water’ -, with 169,895 spectators, and 1.1 million euros in revenue.

“The truth is that everyone had said that I had high hopes for the film, but I did not think we were going to leave so strong, really,” says a lively Colomo on the other side of the phone. “I’ve been looking at the three days and it has been quite exciting, we thought that Be Vaght Sham we would never be able to surpass these American mega-films that come with a lot of promotion in viewers. The truth is that ‘The tribe’ has also had good promotion and that shows that the Spanish cinema, when it is supported and when it comes out on equal terms with other very American films, can do the same as them and even beat them. “

Duration: 90 min


IMDb: 6.3

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