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Living Among Us
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Living Among Us

Brian A. Metcalf’s Living Among Us is a fun little riff on vampire mythos albeit an incomplete bite. It’s somewhere between Daybreakers and What We Do In The Shadows concerning theme, as the film utilizes found footage to normalize bloodsucking lifestyles – but execution sometimes goes pale in the face. Scenes benefit from characterized night creatures who crave television spotlights, while others couldn’t be more generic in terms of evidence playback hurdles. Note to future filmmakers – the more your characters ask the narrative filmer why they’re still rolling, the more we, your audience, will do the same. Just one of a few reasons Living Among Us whiffs on total immersion.

Introductory B-roll opens on newscaster clips that speak of vampirism as a medical affliction. It turns out that a local documentarian (Mike, played by Thomas Ian Nicholas) uncovered a deal between blood donors and vampires to keep infected bellies fed. New vampires preach domestication and want to be one with their human brothers, which leads Mike to an interview opportunity with a house full of agreeable vampires. He’ll interview them, witness their practices and hopefully turn people to the side of compassion – if that’s the vampire community’s true intention.

Duration: 87 min


IMDb: 5.8

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