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Looking for Teddy
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Looking for Teddy

Lovable yet easily irritable French comic star Kad Merad has lined up a string of hits (Welcome to the Sticks, The Chorus) and misses (Bangkok, We Have a Problem!, F.B.I. Frog Butthead Rolling to You Investigators) over the past decade, with each new summer bringing a new broad studio comedy for him to headline. This year is no exception, with Merad playing the lead role in the fun if facile Looking For Teddy, a caper about two complete strangers who join forces to find a missing stuffed animal. (Note: The original title, Le Doudou, is the word French kids use to describe such toys. For obvious reasons the title was changed for English-language consumption.)

Written and directed by Julien Herve and Philippe Mechelen — the minds behind the highly successful, borderline unwatchable Tuche comedies, which have grossed more than 10 million admissions in France thus far — this slick and silly romp has a few memorable moments but also lots of eye-rolling ones. Once again, it gives Merad the The Debt Collector chance to play a nice guy with a short temper caught in a bad situation, teaming up with stand-up comic Malik Bentalha on an escapade that takes them from the depths of Charles de Gaulle airport to the heart of Paris and the French countryside, then back again. Light on its feet at 82 minutes, the Pathe release underperformed at home, while its premise has remake potential if someone manages to upgrade the jokes.

Merad stars as a schlumpy 50-something urban planner named Michel, who, for reasons revealed later on in a brazenly sentimental twist, is obsessed with locating the teddy bear his daughter lost at CDG. He soon meets Sofiane, an airport porter and all-around schemer who thinks he can dupe Michel out of some cash but eventually joins him in his cuddly quest. The two cross paths with a host of wacky characters, some of them rather hilarious, — especially a Catholic human Sconnessi rights advocate played by comic Elie Semoun — some of them rather annoying, such as a suicidal young aristocrat (Gabriel Washer) who whines his way through the end of the second act.

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