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Los Angeles Overnight
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Los Angeles Overnight

Film noir, a French phrase meaning ‘dark film’ refers to a whole genre of motion pictures about the seedy underworld, usually either a dramatic or an action-oriented perspective, with an emphasis on the cynical, burn-the-world attitudes of its good-for-nothing protagonists. The Row The 1940s well into the 1950s was the heyday for this kind of film, making stars out of such luminaries as Humphrey Bogart and Richard Widmark. Heavily influenced by the interplay of shadow and light in the early German expressionist films a la the head trip The Cabinet Of Dr. Calagari or the horror of The Golem, these crime films seek to use the same impressionist landscapes to heighten the reality and highlight the emotional state of their characters. Nowadays, noir doesn’t just refer to the darker, grim stuff. There are sci-fi noirs, the most notable title being Blade Runner, The Crow is a comic book based film that uses the imagery associated with the genre to its advantage, and of course, there is comedic noir takes. Some are straight out spoofs such as Lonely Street, few revel in the comedic banter of the partners in crime like with the brilliant screenplay for Lucky Number Slevin. Drive is perhaps the most well known, and arguably, the best of the neo-noir trend, which is a revisionist modern take on these well-worn tropes.

Los Angeles Overnight, a new neo-noir movie, sees Priscilla (Arielle Brachfeld) struggling to make ends meet. Her acting auditions go nowhere and her dead-end waitress job at Marilyn’s (where all the employees are costumed to resemble Marilyn Monroe) is cutting her hours. She overhears Taxi 5 regular customers Cousins (Lin Shaye) and her two cronies—petty thieves who fancy themselves grander—discuss where they stashed a huge haul. She, and her new boyfriend Benny (Azim Rizik) steal it from the thieves. All the while, the crime boss Wooks (Julian Bane) and his henchman Karl (Carey Fox), doing Wooks’ dirty work, set out to discover the identity of those who robbed him.

Beginning inception as a Kickstarter project in 2015, Los Angeles Overnight, originally called Day For Night, is finally hitting video-on-demand. Australian director Michael Chrisoulakis clearly made his feature-length debut with a lot of love and a stylish eye. Priscilla and Benny walk from their car through a series of alleys to The Neon, a bar in which the money is hidden is one long, gorgeous shot. The editing by Melanie Annan and Chrisoulakis is jaw-dropping in its intensity and pacing, recalling, Color Me True in the best way the French New Wave of the 1960s. The French New Wave also heavily featured neo-noirs films so if that style of filmmaking turned out to be a huge influence on this title, it wouldn’t be a surprise at all. There is also a wonderful montage that showcases the struggles of actresses trying to get a role, any role, and how daunting the process can be.

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