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Ocean’s 8
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Ocean’s 8

What need was there? Many spectators asked themselves when this ‘reboot’ of Steven Soderbergh’s beloved ‘Ocean’s 11’ was announced for the first time. It is the star question when trying to return to the big screen a classic story, and one that is formulated in social networks with much more violence if, in the cocktail, we add a ‘gender swap’ (gender change of its protagonists). Thus, the most stylish robberies of the cinema, which already came from the original film by Lewis Milestone (‘The gang of the eleven’, 1960), finally take a cast of female predominance, whose involved accumulate a total of three Oscars, a Grammy and an Emmy. Not bad.

Directed by Gary Ross (‘The Hunger Games’), ‘Ocean’s 8’ has arrived this weekend to the Spanish billboards presenting itself as a summer film candidate. Elements for success are not lacking: a tall steal in the MET Gala, some charismatic protagonists, a story of tension, some unexpected cameos … And even so, something is missing. “It is revealing that, in a film with a cast full of stars and in which the plot revolves around the theft of a glittering diamond necklace, what is most missed is a little more brightness,” writes the critic of PHOTOGRAMS, Roger Salvans, who argues that, despite the solvency of the production, there is still a lack of style. “What in Soderbergh’s hands was an exemplary style exercise on manipulation strategies, although one could doubt how much there was in him of imposture and how much of reflection on narrative strategies (as in all theft, the how is always more important than the what), in ‘Ocean’s 8’ becomes a sum (of stereotyped set pieces, of characters drawn in thick lines) in which the parts are always worth more than the whole, “he continues.

Duration: 110 min


IMDb: 6.3

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