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Brutal. And very efficient: the process by which a small pig that weighed a kilo at birth becomes 23 weeks in a huge pig of 110 kilos ready to go to the slaughterhouse is both an agro-industrial feat as a technique, worth the paradox, bestial. Not to mention what happens next, the steps that turn it into impeccable packages of six vacuum packed sausages that arrive at the supermarket gondola at the modest price of $ 14.99. Only a few with stomach of steel can witness it and then enjoy a hot dog. Now, what do these data have to do in a story about a movie?

Simple: Okja, the film that Netflix will put on Wednesday 28 at the disposal of its almost 100 million subscribers in 191 countries, directed by the Korean Bong Joon-ho and with front-line actors like Tilda Swinton (Oscar as a secondary actress in Michael Clayton) and Jake Gyllenhaal (nominated for that award as a supporting actor for Secret in the Mountain), proposes a reflection on how the food industry breeds, kills and processes animals so that we can then buy a kilo of skinless leg to $ 77, 90 or a pack of 12 frozen hamburgers at $ 159.98. And all within the packaging of a film with touches of comedy, drama, action and dystopia, with a somewhat naive tone, mocking, but also emotional and with some low blows.

The argument (very brief) tells the story of a corporation that, with the praiseworthy but false aim of ending world hunger, develops a “super pig”. One of these specimens (Okja) is sent to the mountains of South Korea, where he is raised next to Mija (the surprising Ahn Seo-Hyun), a 10-year-old girl who adopts her as a pet. Okja (who looks like a hippopotamus with a manatee face and acts, thanks to very good digital effects, like a dog) grows to weigh six tons and, in a moment, the company claims the animal’s property to study it genetically and turn it into food . From there develops a long chase that reaches New York, along which Mija seeks to reconnect with his pet, helped by some pathetic members of an Animal Liberation Front (yes, environmentalists do not get out well either ) and pursued by the cruel corporation Mirando, driven by a parodic Swinton, the villain in question, who embodies two twin sisters who represent the wildest side of capitalism.

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