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Olumlu Dunya
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Olumlu Dunya

Ali Atay, whom we know with the identity of the actor, is the first feature-length film made in 2015 in the director’s seat. After Limonata, this time with the Mortal World! In a roadtrip, Lemonade, hope is on behalf of the films that will mean directing Atay; In the Mortal World, we are waiting for our great disappointments. In his second feature, Mortal World, which is a better director than Lemonade, Atay, in this absurd crime comedy, blends black comedies, often found in British crime comedy films, with local elements – has signed the example of the comedy.

It is possible to say that the Mortal World is a construction that relies mostly on acting and both script and dialogue. As a matter of fact, the meticulous attention to detail in script writing and dialogue meets the longing for the productions that do not use a sexist language and succeed in laughing outside the underbelly, especially in the kind of local comedy. The screenplay of Ali Atay, Aziz Cat, Feyyaz Yiğit, Volkan Sümbül and Ali Demirel, Martin McDonagh, one of Oscar’s strongest favorites, with a recent praise from Guy Ritchie for his combination of action, crime and black comedy; Coenler ‘s latest film, Free Fire, which once again revealed the original character of Ben Wheatley’ s successful representatives on the road inspired by the way, and this type of humor without the great disappointment of a production that can make use of a production.

Duration: 107 min


IMDb: 8.1

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