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Primal Rage: The Legend of Oh-Mah
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Primal Rage: The Legend of Oh-Mah

On a sprightly sunny day, it likes to creep laterally from behind pine trees, growl beastly from afar at its prey, and roar triumphantly as it relishes in the many cunning ways it decapitates its victims. Like its cousin, the Oh-Mah also tends to be smitten by unsuspecting blondes; You know, the Jane to its King Kong. Whether the Oh-Mah is some kind of a gentleman is a dead giveaway, though, seeing that it has peeled its scrawny victim of his flesh, a token of courtship, perhaps, to his Jane it has been marked, who encounters the body when she runs over him with her jeep. Not exactly a meet-cute, I know.

Thus kicks off Patrick Magee’s Primal Rage, a crossbreed between 1987’s Predator and 2006’s Abomination, with an inverted point-of-view. The Oh-Mah, though a legitimate creature, is out of Native American myth, is depicted here with the wits of cinema’s most heinous bogeymen and the cartoonish compulsion of a ten-foot primeape that happens to be a pervert.

In the film, the Oh-Mah wields an arsenal of carefully selected weapons and tools, and it knows how to efficiently use them. More importantly, it knows that should the opportunity arise where you can use a shiv, you ought to use it right and slice throats ninja-style. You know, just for theatrics. The result is a supremely watchable Bigfoot flick that pendulums from genuinely terrifying to downright hilarious.

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