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Believe it or not, the stories that use dead girls as the motor of the story are a subgenre of the mystery thriller, and are known as the Dead Girls Show. Since Laura Palmer appeared wrapped in plastic in the first scene of Twin Peaks, back in the nineties, the leitmotiv of the dead girls became something Missing Link very attractive to the audience: we not only observe the tragedy usually explicitly (the naked body , lifeless, but equally beautiful and full of truncated youth) satiating the morbid, but also that image is only a space where the protagonist can fight their own demons. Discovering who is the killer is not so much a struggle for justice as a way to make peace with one’s own past.

This, before a detective man, usually appeals to the role of father – Do not always have the detectives a deceased daughter who project in this type of case to solve the mystery becomes Contromano an almost personal crusade? – or the role of protector . Save girls from the power of their own sexuality, wrote Alice Bolin in an essay on these kinds of stories. However, in the not-so-usual case of a detective woman facing the murder of girls, things change. Suddenly, the corpses are reflections. The causes of the deaths – normally, they were bitches, with all the sexist load that entails – resonate with more force in their own stories. They are part protagonist, part heroin, part victim. And in that space, the new HBO show moves brilliantly.

The first thing that is surprising about Open Wounds is how much it resembles another one of those Dead Girl Show that we talked about, and that is also a homeland story: The invisible guardian. Although with a great and decisive detail that differentiates them. The novel written by Dolores Redondo, and taken to the cinema in 2017 by Fernando González Molina, tells the story of a police detective who has to return to her hometown, We the Animals in the Baztán forest, to investigate the deaths of some teenagers. There he not only faces a serial killer, but also his childhood traumas and the unsustainable relationship with his mother.

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