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One of the advantages of the original Netflix productions is that it allows to carry out complicated projects, which in other circumstances may never see the light. Such may be the case of the film Psychokinesis, the new project of the Korean director Sang-ho Yeon, which rose to fame for the remarkable Train to Busan.

Precisely, that film did not have any relevant promotion, nor was it given the opportunity to shine in theaters, but word of mouth made it recognize its merits. The director, on this occasion, returns to present a very extreme and risky bet: with this Netklix Psychokinesis, we are presented with an anodyne and vulgar man, who by chance is given the ability to use psychokinesis, or what is the same: move objects with the mind.

In the reception of these powers is shown the contrast of the film wants to show: a meteorite of unknown origin crashes into the earth and from it flows a liquid that goes to a source from which Mr. Kim drinks, the protagonist. The one who until then was a vague and shameless vigilante of security learns to live with that new skill and to discover the best way to take advantage of it. That “realistic approach” of the superheroic genre has already proved interesting in the movie Chronicle and the shots are the same with this movie, although it does not manage to materialize for several reasons.

Duration: 101 min


IMDb: 5.9

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