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Ramen Shop
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Ramen Shop

His first formal meeting with the Mexican public could not be more appropriate. Memories, Home Again loves and noodles, premiered in the past Berlin Festival, is a film at the same time folkloric and universal in which the filmmaker manages to keep at bay the stridency of their local influences – dramas, Asian soap operas, manga, anime, etc. -, which results in a direct and endearing film even for those who have no greater interest in the cultural exoticism of the East.

It is a discreet and clean film that, even with some simple style, sentimental trips and one of the sweetest soundtracks of the year, handles an argument that unfolds outwards, getting bigger and bigger, winning layers, so that what begins as a melodrama of syrupy and somewhat schematic aftertaste, an hour later has become a powerful drama that knows how to look inside its characters, Foxtrot Six a family that has been fractured by the weight of memory but that it is held together by devotion to the kitchen, even beyond death.

Ramen Teh, which in its original title hides a play on the reconciliation between Japan and Singapore, is also a timely counterbalance to that hysterical and plastic caricature that is Madly millionaires, at least to internationalize a certain image of the Singaporean society of the 21st century . Khoo’s film is a homemade stew, something past spice, but made with the love of family recipes; The Addams Family if it was a soup, I would recommend continuing with a strong and definitive stew like the hilarious Tampopo, by Juzo Itami (available on DVD, thanks to Zima), which also addresses the enormous complexity of Asian cuisine, and culminated with the best known Eat, drink, love Ang Lee, another song of love and respect to the oriental season and its deep ties to family, tradition and love.

Duration: 89 min


IMDb: 6.9

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