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Save This Dance
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Save This Dance

Mr. Donovan certainly can not call himself a good and decent man. The nature of his activities is illegal business. In this case, it can be said, is flourishing and therefore has a great influence in the underworld. Judging by his successes, he is far from being stupid, because for many years of his deeds and crimes, the police have not been able to get to the hero on legal grounds. Of course, he was well aware of the shadowing of the law, which made him even more cautious. He is an intelligent strategist, and therefore prepared all possible plans in the event of the invasion of representatives of the law, his colleagues or any other adversaries.

Judging by his experience and skills, whatever happened, he clearly could have answered. But Donovan did not notice a single small detail. After all, a blow to him came from his own family in the person of his wife. He believed in her attitude towards him and simply did not notice the plot in his own house. And it all began with a woman’s novel with an accountant, who was engaged in the affairs of Donovan. Together with his mistress, he stole a large sum and left the country. Of course, such a blow became strong and suffered many problems, affecting the entire business built. The deceivers believed that because of their actions Donovan would fail and go to jail, but not so it is simple, as it turned out.

Duration: 82 min


IMDb: 7.4

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