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Scorched Earth
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Scorched Earth

With Scorched Earth, director Peter Howitt and writers Kevin Leeson and Bobby Mort imagine what a western might look like… in post-apocalyptic America! The answer, as it turns out, is every bit as dull and derivative as one might suppose, full of gunslingers wielding high-tech weapons and wearing dusters, wide-brimmed hats and assorted Mad Max: Fury Road-like gear. Everyone rides horses and covers their mouths (with air-filter devices that help them breathe the planet’s polluted air), and reside in grungy settlements run—or threatened—by outlaws. It’s a vision of the future that harkens back to the past, and one that—no matter which way you look at it—boasts not a single unique element to call its own.

As a narrated prologue spells out, humanity has been decimated by a global event known as Cloudfall that left the atmosphere rotten, the water toxic and natural resources scarce. In this wretched wasteland, Gage (Gina Carano) operates as an amoral bounty hunter who kills for money—which in this case comes in the form of silver, used to create air filters. After offing a target named Chavo (Luvia Petersen), Gage decides to go after an even bigger prize: Jackson (Ryan Robbins), the merciless ruler of the nearby town of Defiance. Posing as Chavo, Gage infiltrates the community, befriends Jackson, and sets her plans in motion, all with the aid of her trusty friend Doc (John Hannah), and despite the mounting suspicions of Jackson’s right-hand man Lear (Dean S. Jagger).

Duration: 96 min


IMDb: 5.0

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