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Sono tornato
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Sono tornato

A bald and uniformed man literally falls from the sky in modern Rome: the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini has returned. “Sono tornato” Detective Chinatown 2 (I have returned) landed on the Italian billboard in full campaign for the general elections of March 4, which have plunged the country into a national debate about its seemingly inconclusive settling of accounts with the past.

“Unlike the Germans, the Italians have never assumed they had a dictator, as if they were erasing how dangerous it was, as if they forgot the Birds of Passage lessons of history,” said the director of the film, Luca Miniero, on the eve of the premiere. The film is actually a remake of the German “Look Who’s Back” (2015), which raised the resurgence of the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler in the XXI century.

However, if the German film -which in turn was based on a bestseller- adopted the false documentary format, “Sono tornato” is presented as a comedy in the traditional style, with winks at the “slapstick” of the early twentieth century. All this Indivisible seasoned with several scenes of hidden camera in which the citizens receive with the Fascist salute to the Duce, who ends up becoming a star of television.

Duration: 100 min


IMDb: 6.2

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