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Spies in Disguise
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Spies in Disguise

The visual inspiration is linked to the spy film movement of the ’60s, but without affecting the modern sensibility of the plot. In particular, the character of Lance Sterling (voiced in original by Will Smith), has a silhouette that resembles a glass of Martini, and his movements are almost always exaggerated, a bit Killing theatrical. To animate his movements, a playlist was used, as shown by a test piece: in the first, we hear the music that dictates the gestures of Sterling while he sits in the office, while in the second we see the same event but without sound accompaniment . The explanation: “Even if you do not hear the music in the movie, it’s like he always had it in his head.” The protagonist is an excellent secret agent, but lives alone by choice (the illustration of his apartment is accompanied by the caption “cage”), while his partner Walter Beckett (voice of Tom Holland) does the same thing because socially clumsy. Two different characters but still united by a common feature, and it is on this that will be much of the comedy of the feature.

The clip shown to those in the room is a mixture of complete animation, storyboard and a hybrid of the two elements, and is placed in the first part of the film, when Sterling is forced to flee from their employers. In order to hide, he needs an invention by Walter, which transforms him into a … pigeon! Yes, even in the first Blue Walking Out Sky film focusing on human characters there is room for a talking animal. The clip shown to us plays a lot on the physical comedy, but there is also a remarkable alchemy between Smith and Holland, with an anthology on the sight of pigeons, a detail that required a small poetic license: “In reality they see about 270 ° in the film we have extended it to 360 “, says the director. It should be noted that this transformation is not a spoiler, as it is also shown in the official teaser, projected at the end of the meeting and soon available on the net. Now we just have to wait for March to know how far they will push the authors with this crazy, intriguing premise.

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