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The Immortal Wars
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The Immortal Wars

Written and directed by Las Vegas filmmaker Joe Lujan, The Immortal Wars is an action film set in the future. Starring Eric Roberts, Tom Sizemore, Bill Oberst Jr., and Shaun Gerardo, the thriller tells the story of war between humans and a race known as Deviants. Filmed in Las Vegas, it is the first release in a three-part series. In The Immortal Wars, humans have captured Deviants and force them to fight to the death in a live televised show.

The story was inspired by the scores of films like Son of God, The Hunger Games and Interstellar. In an interview with The Action Elite, Lujan recounts listening to the score of Intersteller and finding himself in a “zone of creating” that he hadn’t experienced before. It sparked ideas for character development with a variety of fighting skills that ranged from martial arts to street brawls, which in turn influenced casting decisions to find actors with coordinated fighting experience.

Each fight scene was different and adapted to the varying set environments. Some fights took place in freezing cold temperatures while others took place in the desert heat. If you are a fan of action thrillers with both comedic and dark undertones, be sure to watch The Immortal Wars!

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