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The Revenge of Robert the Doll
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The Revenge of Robert the Doll

FanBolt recently got to speak with writer-producer-director Andrew Jones about a trio of his upcoming films that cover a number of nightmarish creatures: Winter Ridge a pre-historic monster, a murderous dolls, and Nazis afflicted with lycanthropy.

I never went to film school so it’s been a process of learning through practical experience. I started off by making a no budget feature with a Hi8 camera and some friends. It was inspired by Larry Clark’s movie ‘Kids’, which seemed like a simplistic dramatic concept that would be possible to make for no money. The resultant film was extremely rough but it helped me realize that La tribu in the digital era it’s possible for anyone to become a filmmaker. I then made my first film with a proper budget as a writer/director which was a drama involving some TV actors in the UK who helped finance it. The film worked out okay but afterwards the producers argued with each other and that, combined with it already been a tough sell concept-wise, meant the film never got released. So that disappointment inspired me to go into producing and ensure that every film I made had enough commercial potential to reach the market place. The first film I produced, ‘Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection’, got picked up by Lionsgate and even had a limited theatrical run in multiplexes in the UK. So that kick started a producing career which has so far resulted in 19 feature films with more to come.

It’s always a challenge to make a creature feature with a limited budget, an indie project is never going to compete with the scope of a big budget studio offering, so it made sense to just have fun with the concept. I very much embraced the B-movie tradition of this kind Görevimiz Tatil of film, it’s more along the lines of Roger Corman’s ‘Carnosaur’ and The Asylum films rather than ‘Jurassic Park’. You have to cut your cloth accordingly at this low budget level. It’s definitely my most self-aware and humorous film, but of course there’s still action and horror too, we even managed to get a few explosions in there!

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