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The Vegetable
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The Vegetable

If we ask you to point blank the name of an uncomfortable character, over the top, fishing from the current landscape between web and TV, probably The Favourite many of you would answer Fabio Rovazzi. Let’s talk about a social phenomenon that has managed to put its paws a bit ‘everywhere in recent years: from YouTube to the small screen, through music and now the cinema, chosen to be the protagonist of Il Vegetale. A complex decision made by Disney, because we speak of a particular figure, loved and hated by the public in equal measure. On the one hand we have a varied, multi-faceted audience, ranging from 5 to 90 years and includes very young people constantly glued to YouTube as elderly television enthusiasts; on the other, a more active audience, who feels more aware and carefully chooses the music to listen to, the films and TV shows to watch and prefers “off-the-box” content.

Precisely for this reason, the new film by Gennaro Nunziante, the director who has brought the blockbuster Checco Zalone to the big screen for four films, is an interesting Three Faces experiment, probably the definitive test to see if web stars can actually work too elsewhere, far from the ephemeral world of YouTube and the protected environment of TV. For these two forms of entertainment you do not have to pay even a penny, completely different speech instead to the cinema, where obviously you have to pay the ticket to enter the room.

This mechanism has curbed the dreams of glory of several youtuber and production companies that have tried the big shot at the cinema, think of the case of Game Therapy, 10 Rules for Making Fall in Love, All Very Beautiful and Class Z. Products, to see the followers of the protagonists, Hurricane they would have to break the box office and that instead they have achieved disappointing results. Precisely for this reason we talked about “definitive proof”, the plant could reopen the games or close the faucets maybe forever. Let’s see to which way we are going.

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