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The Wall
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The Wall

The Wall

To make a good movie you need very few elements, just like The Wall (In Sniper’s Sight) comes to endorse. It is only necessary to maintain the narrative tension during the necessary time to catch the interest and the imagination of the spectator and for that you do not need great artifices but an interesting story and if step by step it is capable of generating a certain echo in your head on a metaphorical level, better than better.

US sergeants Allen Isaac (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Shane Matthews (John Cena) arrive at a key point in the desert following an emergency call. After about 23 hours monitoring the area in which a group of workers have been presumably massacred by a sniper, they set out to remove the corpses to investigate what happened, but Shane is shot and Allen is cornered.

There is only them and the Iraqi shooter, who makes it clear that he wants to play cat and mouse. His only protection is a small, flimsy brick wall that gradually begins to fall apart, so Isaac will have no choice but to try to locate the position of his opponent before it ends with him and his partner.

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Genre: Thriller


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Duration: 88 min


IMDb: 6.2