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The Warning
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The Warning

One of those thrillers that sets itself some tricky problems early on and fails to successfully solve them later, Daniel Super Troopers 2 Calparsoro’s math-based The Warning nevertheless knows exactly which buttons to press, and is an enjoyably undemanding ride for most of its length. As a director, Calparsoro has repeatedly promised to deliver something special, but has never quite delivered: The Warning, whose final third makes logical sense, but relies too heavily on unlikely coincidence, continues that trend. But there’s still enough cleverness and panache here to secure some offshore interest.

The first third promises high-quality (if deja vu) entertainment. Math-obsessed, pill-popping Jon (Raul Arevalo) witnesses the Us and Them shooting of his buddy Pablo (Aitor Luna), soon to be married to Andrea (Belen Cuesta), at a gas station where much of the action will take place. Pablo will languish in a hospital for most of the film’s length. Meanwhile, from old newspapers, Jon realizes that there was a murder on the same site many years before.

By combining City of Lies such mathematical variables as the dates and the number of witnesses, Jon becomes convinced that another murder is going to take place in 10 years: Unsurprisingly, he can’t find too many sympathetic listeners for his theory, even more so since he is self-medicating for schizophrenic episodes and is prone to visions of caterpillars and butterflies — the creepy crawlies of choice for the discerning filmmaker as far back as The Silence of the Lambs.

Duration: 92 min


IMDb: 6.0

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