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They Remain
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They Remain

They Remain knows that the past can never stay buried for long. The movie takes one of the most common of horror tropes seen in everything from Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” to the hoary old “ancient Indian burial ground” made famous by Poltergeist and twists it, until potentially awful supernatural consequences become an occupational hazard. For the two scientists at the heart of this dreamlike film, digging too deep and unearthing something you wish you hadn’t just comes with the job.

They Remain doesn’t shy away from the implication of inevitability; “You know how this is going to end” is the first line of dialogue. In a way, any trouble that befalls the characters is out of their control: Both scientists, they’ve been dispatched by their company to a remote patch of forest in an unnamed area, and ordered to explore the physical landscape for possible biological breakthroughs.

Their exact mission is unclear, as are the reasons they’ve been sent, and they both share the healthy skepticism of low-level workers employed by a massive corporation. But this much is clear: They’ve traveled to the site of a mass death, the place where a series of horrific acts were perpetuated by members of a cult many years prior. As the two set up cameras throughout the woods and take samples of dirt, insects, and more, we watch the days of their three-month mission begin to pass. As the routine becomes numbing, eerie incidents begin to mount. A strange knocking on their workspace wall. A weird sound from the treeline. Before long, it starts to become less a question of “Are these events real or all in their heads?” than a countdown to who cracks first.

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Genre: DramaHorrorMysteryThriller


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IMDb: 4.2

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