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Thor: Ragnarok
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Thor: Ragnarok

After 20 films of Marvel (if we include Ant-Man and the Wasp, whose premiere is in just under a month) and waiting for the long-awaited Avengers 4, it is normal to re-view each and every one of the tapes that make up this already extensive Marvel Cinematic Universe. And sometimes it happens that, when reviewing something, you notice certain details until then unnoticed. One of them we have in the movie Thor: Ragnarok, where you can see that the fate of the Asgardian was predicted in the film just before it took place.

Heh, heh, heh … Eye … Ahem. Well, as you well know, Thor lost one of his eyes because of his sister Hela. However, if he had paid attention to the symbolic omen that was right in front of him, he could have seen what was coming. “Seen” come. Do you get it? Sorry, we stopped.

According to the children of Dorkly, when Hela returns to Asgard, she is not very happy, because her existence has been erased from the story, even in the family mural that was in the throne room. That’s when she knocks him down, revealing an older mural, more focused on Hela. When falling the mural to the ground a crack of the most peculiar forms:

Duration: 130 min


IMDb: 7.9

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