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Too Late to Die Young
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Too Late to Die Young

Dominga Sotomayor took the Leopard to the best direction at the Locarno Festival for Afternoon to Die Young, currently in screening at the Toronto Festival. A Chilean family moves to the countryside The Outer Wild establishing a community with hippie ideals. The development is very similar to Carla Simón’s debut, Verano 1993, presenting a collection of more or less anodyne vignettes about life in the countryside, emphasizing the vicissitudes of the young Sofía. Although both films share the same insipidity, the work of Sotomayor has something more authentic and some interesting resources.

The story focuses mainly on Sofia, a young woman who has been dragged by her father and stepmother to the countryside and who is in the process of evolution. In fact, at the narrative level, the highlight of the film is how it reflects the liminal situation in which the protagonist is, halfway between the countryside and The Jurassic Games the city, dealing with a self-absorbed father and an absent mother, moving away from the adolescence and penetrating in the maturity. This multiple collision is supported by the intelligent use made by the film of vehicles, which are nothing but elements that represent modernity and the desire of young people to move forward and mature.

Afternoon to die young is sustained to a large extent thanks to the photography of Inti Briones, the spontaneity of the dialogues and the naturalness of the performances. However, there is considerable redundancy in the scenes and the story suffers from a lack of momentum. It also does not help that the only conflict that really gives dynamism to the footage is based on a very used formula, that is, the young girl who is romantically divided between the immature Devil’s Acid kid and the experienced man, something that makes a nod to maturity and that we have seen with this same disguise hundreds of times.

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