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To the Bone
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To the Bone

On four occasions Ellen (played by Lilly Collins) tries to cover the diameter of her arm by joining the ends of the fingers with one hand. As a passive spectator it is devastating to witness the degradation of a young woman to achieve a skeletal arm, but that is how To the bone takes us into the mind of a self-destructive person who can not find the way to cure himself.
It is not surprising in this sense to find on a petition calling on Netflix to remove To the Bone from the public domain to avoid harming and stigmatizing a dangerously “glamorized” disease among young people. Without going into value who can demand such a thing for being more or less sensitized to the issue, leaves clearly two things.

The first is that at the end of the viewing of the premiere as director of Marti Noxon there is overwhelming evidence: there are no references to hold on to. It’s funny, but there are no movies, good or bad, with anorexia as the main character. The cinema has ignored anorexia shamelessly and there are no excuses. The interpretation of Christian Bale in The Machinist does not serve as an example because anorexia was present, but it was not verbalized at any time. The second is that it is demonstrated that the film producers still saw too much risk in betting a millionaire budget, putting anorexia at the center of all the lights. It is an uncomfortable subject that requires intensive care and the cinema was not willing to give them until today.

Duration: 107 min


IMDb: 6.9

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