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Under the Silver Lake
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Under the Silver Lake

David Robert Mitchell has already visited Cannes, specifically the Critics’ Week, with his previous films. The fantastic ‘It Follows’ (2014), and ‘The Myth of the American Sleepover’ (2010), a debut that should be reviewed because it appears in ‘Under the Silver Lake’. Its protagonists even get to leave the screen inside the screen, to mix with the plot.

Sam (Andrew Garfield) lives plunged in apathy, doing nothing in the apartment he has rented in the typical Los Angeles complex, until a new neighbor (Riley Keough) appears that he becomes obsessed with, especially when, at night the morning (literally), it disappears. And meanwhile, a mysterious dog killer frightens the neighborhood.

The superb trailer, which is of those that mark time, already obsessed us greatly. He left us thinking about all the clues to try to imagine the whole story. You will say that this is what the trailers are for, which is the function they fulfill. But that is also the case, in this case, of the film, of how to compose a narrative, necessarily paranoid (or conspiranoid, in the wake of Pynchon or DeLillo), based on the messages with which pop culture constantly bombards us, be indie or mainstream. A story, an invisible thread that will necessarily be phantasmagoric, halfway between reality and fiction. In that sense, the puzzle, the film is an exponential expansion of the trailer, with more clues and some revelations, but the mystery will remain (fortunately) preserved beyond the end. If the questions asked by the protagonist are more or less answered, what we ask ourselves about him and his mental labyrinth will not completely lose the questions, although we imagine the answers and elaborate our own theories. As DRM said at a press conference, “the film is a mystery, the character is a mystery. In some moments we wanted to give more explanations, and in others less. It is a film in which everyone can project themselves, and explain it in their own way

Duration: 139 min


IMDb: 6.0

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