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Wonder Woman Bloodlines
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Wonder Woman Bloodlines

Would you rather have a masked vigilante creepily spying on you from the shadows, an overpowered-alien monitoring you while flying far overhead, or a heroic warrior The King’s Daughter riding beside you on her pet kangaroo promoting truth, justice, and hairless armpits? If you’re having trouble deciding, read on!

When it comes to the Holy Trinity of DC Comics, Batman and Superman definitely stand front and center, or at least they have until now. Hopeful, inspiring, and heroic – traits not normally used to Colette describe a film set in the DCEU – Wonder Woman delivers a welcomed return to the spotlight for the Goddess of Truth. Really though, she never left, rather was just sidelined by an over saturation of testosterone in capes.

Ever since her debut, Wonder Woman has been one of the most iconic characters ever put to panel, and not just as a symbol for the empowerment of women. Yet despite her lasting popularity, The Leisure Seeker she usually takes a back seat to her Justice League counterparts. But don’t let all that inequality fool you, when it comes to saving the day and punching the bad guys away, Wonder Woman is the ideal hero to have by your side.

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